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Fujimons Corn Plaster

Fujimons Corn Plaster

Corn Plaster is a rubber plaster with round cushion in red or orange medicine core. Used for corn, effect on disinfection, stopping itch, dissolving and corrupting cuticle. External use only.

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Hand and Feet Care

Hand and Feet Care

This herbal blend is used to help relieve all types of skin irritation. This will be appropriate for skin that are dry and cracked and itchiness that comes with blistering. Ingredients: Belvedere Fruit, Cnidium Fruit, Cayrati, Balsam Stem, Mongolian Dandelion, Goldthread, Sophora, Borneolum. EXTERNAL USE ONLY! Directions: Pour boiling water over "Hand and Feet Care" herbal blend bag. Steep 1 bag...